Means Industries’ new website spotlights electrification technologies

SAGINAW—Means Industries, a manufacturer of powertrain and clutch technologies, announced the launch of a new website at, driven by its leadership in the next phase of propulsion technology for electrified vehicles across automotive manufacturing and the transportation industry.

“The new website showcases how Means is accelerating first-to-market breakthroughs intended to push electrified propulsion systems into new, category-defining territories,” said Jeremy Holt, president of Chicago-based Amsted Automotive, Means’ parent company.

Examples of these technologies include:

  • A Power Shift EV shifting system for performance vehicles that sets the benchmark for faster response times and better road feel.
  • Combining MEANS Selectable One-Way Clutch and Dynamic Controllable Clutch technologies to deliver new building blocks for modern multi-speed shifting systems.
  • Development of a novel way to disconnect the eMachine from the wheel in Electric Drive Units. The e-axle and drivetrain disconnects give electric 4WD and AWD vehicles enhanced efficiency and greater on-demand performance.

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