New CEO at Coretec

ANN ARBOR—Coretec Group Inc. (OTC: CRTG), developers of silicon and 3D volumetric displays, has appointed Matthew Kappers as its new CEO. Kappers will also join Coretec’s  board of directors.

Kappers has spent the last decade as a partner and managing director of Concordia Financial Group LLC, a merger and acquisition advisory firm, and has also been a consultant to Coretec  for the past two and half years. Kappers has extensive transactional and operational experience working with both startups and publicly traded companies.

“Matt brings a wealth of expertise,” said Victor Keen, co-chair of the Coretec board. “He has extensive experience working with the public markets and helping companies reach operational efficiency and executing strategic growth initiatives. We are fortunate to have Matt as CEO. He shares our passion and intimately understands our business.”

In March, the company closed on a $6 million private placement offering. Kappers will further the use of the net proceeds to expand and accelerate the development of the company’s CHS technology, as well as for working capital, general corporate purposes, and strategic investments.

“As The Coretec Group enters the next stage of innovation and growth, I am honored and excited to be part of such a talented team,” said Kappers. ”The opportunity ahead for the company is immense and we must move quickly and be nimble.”

Former CEO Michael Kraft, whose expertise is in applied materials product development, is now president of the company, focused on commercializing its CHS technology. Cyclohexasilane (CHS), Si6H12, is a liquid that converts to polysilane when exposed to heat or UV irradiation, followed by amorphous silicon and ultimately crystalline silicon. This novel liquid state provides new opportunities to introduce silicon-containing electronic materials, leading to improved performance, reduced cost, simplified manufacturing, and safer handling when compared to the more traditionally used monosilane.  Kraft is also working with global customers and internationally recognized research institutions as they evaluate CHS. Kraft will also lead the company’s efforts in coordinating results and expanding its intellectual property portfolio.

Coretec is developing a portfolio of engineered silicon to improve energy-focused verticals, including electric vehicle and consumer batteries, solid-state lighting (LEDs), and semiconductors, as well as 3D volumetric displays and printable electronics. The Coretec Group serves the global technology markets in energy, electronics, semiconductor, solar, health, environment, and security.

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