Benzinga to provide free website to one business a month for 2021

DETROIT—Officials at Benzinga, the Detroit-based financial technology (fintech) and financial news provider, announced the Benzinga Small Business Free Website Giveaway, a contest to build a free website for one business a month for the rest of 2021.

They said the move comes in response to the coronavirus pandemic, as businesses have scrambled to keep up with shutdown and reopening.

A team of professional web developers will custom build each website, a service valued at over $5,000.

Eligible businesses are those that were in operation in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, have or are able to acquire a domain name and are a professional service provider. E-commerce platforms do not qualify.

Business owners can enter the giveaway here by filling out some basic information. Businesses can enter as many times as they’d like and Benzinga will notify one winner each month of their prize.

This giveaway celebrates the accelerating reopening of the American economy as COVID-19 rates decline as well as the launch of the Benzinga Business portal, a useful resource hub for small businesses of all kinds. When visiting the Benzinga Business portal, entrepreneurs will find a hub well-stocked with B2B software, platforms and other resources built for small businesses.

Whether an entrepreneur is looking for the best email marketing software to expand a small business’ reach or the best way to build an online store, the Benzinga Business portal will help their reopening efforts go as smoothly as possible.

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