New live-work development opens in Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR—Prentice 4M, a developer of work-live buildings, announced the opening of the its first 4M campus in Ann Arbor.

The four-story, 37,500 square foot campus features 11 ready-to-move-in co-living townhomes with 63 available furnished ensuite bedrooms. Dedicated co-working spaces are downstairs from the living spaces to support individual and team needs.

Townhouse amenities include keyless entry on all doors, a multi-functional common area, professional grade kitchens and a 1 gig fiber high speed network. 4M has engaged Stellar Broadband to provide 24/7 network security and technical support. Michigan Solar Solutions designed and installed a 58-kilowatt solar panel array that offsets a significant portion of the building’s energy consumption. 4M has partnered with Envoy to provide a fleet of Tesla vehicles for member use, eliminating the need for personal vehicles. Rent at 4M is all-inclusive, with weekly cleanings and concierge-style services.

“4M is an innovative lifestyle concept where living, working, and transportation are bundled for the convenience of members in a campus designed to form community and relationships,” said Margaret Poscher, CEO and co-founder of Prentice 4M. “We are proud to offer an ecosystem that elevates the experience of our members in meaningful ways.”

As Michigan’s first true co-living, co-working, shared mobility development, 4M was thoughtfully designed from the ground up to provide a cost-effective choice to people seeking new ways to live, work and socialize.

With the shift to a hybrid work model for most professionals, 4M offers housing and working spaces that maximize individual and group work, both in-person and virtually. 4M members have over 6,000 square feet of collaborative open space to take advantage of.

Beyond open workspaces, 4M’s campus includes five private conference rooms featuring Zoom-enabled 4K teleconferencing televisions with wide angle lenses. 4M also provides members with access to a podcast and video production studio, which includes professional microphones and podcast consoles.

“Whether our members stay with us for 30 days or a full year, we want to ensure they have everything they need to thrive,” Poscher said.

4M also offers a 7,500-square-foot space called The Flex in the center of the building, an open space for networking, social activities, exercise and fitness classes, and pop-up events.

And while the building is located near public transit, it also includes campus-owned Tesla vehicles in a secure garage, bringing style and affordability to 4M members who need access to a vehicle on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are also charging stations for scooters and e-bikes. There are also 4M-sponsored shared transportation shuttles.

In addition to individual coliving opportunities, 4M has tailored offerings for startups and established companies seeking additional space to grow with the objective to help individuals and teams launch faster. 4M does this by:

  • Offering the needed insight, perspective, and collaboration from a community of experts
  • Providing a regional network of investors hungry for opportunity
  • Scheduling regular pitch demos, meetings, and other mission-critical events
  • Producing events that will allow teams to enjoy the space, culture, and amenities of the surrounding area

“Our mission is threefold,” said Poscher. “First, 4M aids entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives to leverage the sharing economy by living and working in a highly affordable, focused, and effective fashion. Second, our 4M team delivers a meticulously curated freelance experience, structured to provide community, a regional network of self-employment resources, and properly managed group events at a regular interval, and third, we use a combination of a high powered, advanced technology network and adaptive Best Practices to create a healthy, safe environment for tenants. We’re excited to have brought this concept to fruition.”

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