NAI adds cabling for industrial and service robots

TROY—The custom power and data interconnection equipment provider NAI has expanded into providing fiber optic and copper interconnect capabilities for robotics and related automated equipment in industrial and commercial applications.

NAI makes cable assemblies, harnesses and box builds to support a variety of industrial technologies. With broad experience in the engineering and manufacturing of rugged interconnect solutions, NAI is well suited to produce these products for factory floor robotics, C-tracks, gantry systems, machine tools, pick and place, and other industrial automation equipment. Assemblies can be made for a range of flexing applications, from minimal to high.

For continuous flexing with either articulated or cartesian motion, NAI can avail itself of many cable designs and resources that have passed testing and are rated for various flexing cycles, from one million to 20 million cycles. In addition, a variety of available cable jackets can provide protection from harsh environmental conditions, such as those found on the factory floor or outdoors, including temperature extremes, moisture, oil, gas, chemicals, UV exposure and more.

NAI can also produce interconnect solutions for service robots, including domestic robots, event robots, robots for use in retail stores, and many more. A recent NAI project involved several service robots to operate in retail store environments. NAI is manufacturing a variety of different assemblies for this project.

For more information, visit or call (248) 817-4106.

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