Sanilac, Huron counties extend broadband surveys

BAD AXE—The broadband committees of Sanilac and Huron counties are urging residents of the two counties in Michigan’s Thumb to participate in an important survey intended to help expand and improve high-speed internet access across the county.

“For the last year, the Sanilac Board of Commissioners have discussed a county-driven initiative for reliable internet in Sanilac,” said Joel Wyatt, vice chairman of the county board. “The last eight months have revealed that objective being more needed than ever.  Businesses, families, churches and especially school children have a tremendous need for solid, fast internet.  It is truly becoming a critical infrastructure service.”

Said Carl Osentoski, executive director of the Huron County Economic Development Corp.: “The Huron County EDC is constantly working on ways to improve communities and business climate in the county. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we have seen areas that could be improved on in our broadband internet in the county. Everyone is impacted by this, education, agriculture, small businesses, the list goes on.”

The two committees are working with the national nonprofit Connected Nation (CN), which has a mission to improve lives by identifying innovative solutions for expanding access, adoption, and use of broadband and its related technologies to all people. The committees are using CN’s Connected Community Engagement Program to develop a technology action plan.

As part of this effort, and to ensure a plan that accurately reflects the need across the area, the committees are asking every individual, business, and community organization in the counties to fill out a 10-minute survey.

The Sanilac County survey can be found at The Huron County survey may be found at

Responses to the survey are encouraged to be completed by Jan. 31.

The CN program has developed Technology Action Plans for more than 350 communities, counties, and regions across the country. Each one is tailored to an area’s specific opportunities and challenges. For more details, visit

“As time goes on there will be a growing need for even more communication technology, so please take a few minutes out of your day to fill out the survey provided by Connected Nation Michigan,” Osentoski said.

For more information or with questions, email or visit

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