Wyandotte picks NC provider for 10-gig municipal internet service

WYANDOTTE—The city of Wyandotte has selected CommScope, a Hickory, N.C.-based communication network provider, to deliver high-capacity, low-latency connectivity to the city’s 25,000 residents.

CommScope will enable nearly 13,000 homes and more than 700 commercial buildings to have access to a new network with up to 10 gigabits per second of internet, IP video and smart home services.

The project requires full conversion to fiber-to-the-home, management of multiple contractors, network component integration, and relocation and expansion of the city’s headend. Wyandotte is tapping into CommScope’s service professionals who bring localized expertise and worldwide experience – to navigate its cutting-edge plan to bring superfast download speeds combined with unparalleled performance.

“Wyandotte is an area that has flourished, developing a reputation as a destination for new and expanding businesses. We are spreading economic growth and investing in arts, food, culture, retail and services that will be attractive to future generations,” said Paul LaManes, general manager of the city of Wyandotte. “Super-fast broadband will kick this evolution into a new gear, paving the way for new applications that improve the quality of life and advance social progress. CommScope eliminates the burden of dealing with multiple vendors while helping us to build a smarter and more strategic network.”

CommScope Professional Services will provide both inside and outside plant construction management and headend relocation. Ongoing consulting services include hybrid fiber coaxial and FTTH architecture analysis, network evolution, FTTH design services, off-air antenna and satellite signal surveys.

In addition to a complete FTTH portfolio, CommScope will provide new fiber innovation to get more bandwidth out of existing network infrastructure.

“This year has shown us that the internet is critical in keeping our society functioning in the face of rapid and unpredictable change. It’s reminding us the advantage of forward-looking design and the importance of network innovation,” said Tom McLaughlin, senior vice president of service providers for CommScope. “By planning ahead and working together with developers, local utilities, service providers and trusted fiber experts, Wyandotte is creating a path for a connected future.”

To learn more about CommScope Professional Services and how the company helps municipalities around the world upgrade network infrastructure, visit CommScope.com/Municipality-Solutions.

Wyandotte is the only community in the metro Detroit area to offer a full spectrum of community owned municipal utility services, called Wyandotte Municipal Services, providing electric power through a municipal power plant and distribution system, operating a municipal-owned water filtration plant and distribution system as well as providing cable and internet connectivity services.

More about CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) at www.commscope.com.

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