Midland County seeks public input on improving broadband access

MIDLAND—Public input is being sought by the Midland County Broadband Committee as it works to develop the county’s Technology Action Plan.

“Broadband connectivity has long been a need in Midland County,” said Tony Stamas, president and CEO of the Midland Business Alliance. “As the challenges of the pandemic and flood have impacted our community, the elevated need for improved and affordable virtual infrastructure is increasingly apparent. By collaboratively engaging in this work, the entire community will have the opportunity to thrive regardless of physical location.”

But committee members need help from local residents, businesses, community organizations, and others to determine where better broadband (high-speed internet) access is needed or should be expanded. Community members can provide their input by taking the 10-minute survey at https://myconnectedcommunity.org/midland-county.

The Technology Action Plan, which will be developed through Connected Nation Michigan’s Connected Community Engagement Program, will be shaped by the information provided by local stakeholders.

“Broadband connection is essential to have a community where all can thrive,” said Sharon Mortensen, president and CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation.  “This is even more evident while we deal with the pandemic and the increased need for connectivity. We are pleased to engage in this work with stakeholders from across the community as we work toward our ultimate goal of ensuring access to all.”

The Connected Program has been used in nearly 400 communities across the country to develop county or regional-specific Technology Action Plans that have both short term and long-term broadband solutions.

“Take the survey and make sure the needs in your area of the county are not overlooked,” said Dan Manning, community technology advisor for Connected Nation Michigan. “It’s critical to have input from as many residents, businesses, and others as possible. We need your responses to our residential and sector-specific surveys to effectively address the needs of the county. I applaud the local leaders for tackling this head-on and with your help we can develop plans for expanding broadband and its related technologies across Midland County.”

For more information, email info@connectednation.org or visit connectednation.org/michigan.

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