Chinese university buys Gale products

FARMINGTON HILLS—Gale, the Farmington Hills information management company, announced that China’s Shandong University has acquired Gale Scholar, which offers institutions access to core collections in Gale Primary Sources totaling more than 170 million digitized pages from the vaults of world renowned libraries, covering more than 500 years of international history.

Shandong University is one of the highest ranking universities in China, and one of the first members of Project 211 and Project 985, two state projects to support the development of the country’s best universities.

“Since its founding nearly 120 years ago, Shandong University has attached great importance to the research and study of western culture,” said Zhao Xingshen, director of the Shandong University Library. “Gale’s primary sources gathered from many world-renowned institutions in Europe and America can support many disciplines with their wealth of content. Introducing these academic resources into our teaching and research activities will continue Shandong University’s academic tradition of disseminating its humanities and social sciences research to the world.”

Added Terry Robinson, senior vice president and managing director of Gale International: “The university library’s decision to invest in the program reflects its ongoing commitment to foster world-leading research, while strengthening its position as a regional hub of learning.”

Gale Scholar provides Shandong University researchers with access to curated digital collections of books, maps, photographs, newspapers, periodicals and manuscripts from some of the world’s well-known libraries, such as the University of Oxford, Harvard University, and the British Library.

Gale Primary Sources in the university’s program include Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Nineteenth Century Collections Online, The Making of the Modern World, and The Making of the Modern Law.

The richness of this content is harnessed by powerful search technology that empowers researchers and students to discover new research connections through a single search environment. A newly launched Gale Scholar landing page in both English and Chinese further streamlines the researchers’ workflow, acting as a starting point into searching the collections. From the landing page, users can also access the Gale Digital Scholar Lab, a digital humanities tool that allows researchers the ability to text and data mine their content.

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