Troy firm expands sanitizer production

TROY—Officials at Clenova announced an expansion to five production lines for hand sanitizers and hand soaps, boosting its capacity to 160 million uses per week.

The production lines are located at Clenova’s main manufacturing plant in Troy. The facility is FDA-registered for the production of hand sanitizers and other skin cleansing products.

“FDA registration is important to us, to our distributors and to the people who use our products,” said Andrew Reid, director of operations for the company. “We are committed to manufacturing products that are safe and effective and meet regulatory requirements.”

Clenova manufactures all of its products in the United States, using domestically sourced raw materials to ensure safety and quality. The expansion will enable them to help their distributors keep their shelves stocked with essential items consumers need for everyday use as well as prevention of the spread of pathogens such as flu and the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to shortages of many cleaning and sanitizing products from global and national suppliers. With five production lines now turning out hand soaps and hand sanitizers full time, Clenova is now producing 160 million uses per week.

The chemical supply company plans to continue to expand production capacity and product lines in the future. In addition to producing Clenova-branded hand sanitizers, soaps, and dispensers, Clenova offers a private label program for distributors. Their expanded production capacity will enable them to produce large quantities of privately labeled hand sanitizers and soaps for high-volume distribution partners.

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