MSU, Leica establish Center for Excellence in Microscopy

EAST LANSING—Officials at the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering at Michigan State University and Leica Microsystems Inc., have combined efforts to establish the MSU IQ Leica Microsystems Center of Excellence.

The new center will support new discoveries and insights from scientific research performed using state-of-the-art imaging systems. It features confocal and widefield microscopy technology such as Leica SP8 DIVE multiphoton imaging, allowing researchers to capture images and video of the cellular and molecular processes of life.

“Advanced imaging technologies are a core competence of the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering, and the recognition by Leica as a center of excellence is an honor and will help advance scientific inquiry across multiple fields of integrative sciences,” said the institute’s director, Christopher Contag.

Added Greg Eppink, general manager of microscopy for Leica Microsystems Americas: “With this agreement, we’re enabling researchers at Michigan State to push beyond boundaries of what can be visualized and quantified and fulfilling Leica Microsystems’ mission to provide unrivaled insight for our customers. We look forward to continuing this exciting alliance for years to come. It’s an honor to serve the future of scientific research in collaboration with this top-tier institution.”

The center will provide feedback necessary to drive innovation in software, systems and workflow solutions while informing the applications and advanced imaging and analysis techniques of tomorrow.

A virtual opening ceremony held Thursday morning will be followed by virtual seminars, presented by prominent Michigan State researchers discussing imaging applications.

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