Client win for HT Mobile Apps

ANN ARBOR—HT Mobile Apps, the developer of fintech apps, announced that Fitchburg, Mass.-based IC Federal Credit Union had launched HT’s Building Bankers app, a free, educational mobile app that is designed to demonstrate the benefits of saving to children ages 3 to 12.

The credit union was looking for a way to reach its youngest members and help them as they begin their financial journey. Because of the many customizable features of the app, IC Federal Credit Union chose to partner with HTMA to design Building Bankers. After a successful early adoption rate by its members, IC Federal Credit Union expects to grow usage of the app of at least 25 percent over the next few months and open new youth accounts.

Building Bankers provides a fun and easy way for children to learn personal financial management. With games and lessons varying in difficulty, the app challenges users to continue learning valuable skills as they play. The entertaining imagery keeps young members engaged as they learn how to set savings goals, monitor their accounts and improve their financial literacy.

“Providing financial literacy solutions to all of our members is and has always been an important strategy for IC,” said Carolyn Perla, senior vice president of retail banking and marketing of IC Federal Credit Union. “Enhancing their experience and knowledge, at any age, will help with their personal financial well-being. Our priority is to guide and advise our members with the best possible products and services that will benefit them the most as they develop or continue on their financial journey.”

Added Kathleen Craig, founder and CEO of HT Mobile Apps: “Building Bankers was created to set children on the path to financial success by engaging them in personal finances at a young age. There is a gap in children’s education about personal finances in schools and we want to fill that void with Building Bankers’ interactive games coupled with financial education to provide an entertaining way for children to learn about finances.”

IC Federal serves Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, and Worcester counties in Massachusetts with eight offices. It has $502 million in assets and 34,000 members.

HT Mobile Apps’ offerings include Banker Jr., Member Jr., Hip Pocket and Plinqit, the first savings app of its kind that pays users for engaging with content through its patent-pending Build Skills. For more information, visit

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