Priority Health provides members free access to personal health companion, ‘Brook’

GRAND RAPIDS—Priority Health has introduced a new customer benefit—Brook, a personal mobile health companion that provides support in the areas of nutrition, sleep management, general health and COVID-19 information.

Brook, developed by the Seattle-based firm Brook Inc., uses artificial intelligence and real-time health expert access to provide 24/7 personalized support for general health concerns and chronic conditions.

“As more people turn to telehealth services, Brook connects our members to chat live with health experts, and supports them in addressing their health needs,” said Nate Foco, Priority Health vice president of marketing and consumer experience.

Following the Priority Health app, cost estimator and myStrength, a set of mental wellness resources introduced after the pandemic hit, Brook is the latest technological advancement Priority Health is offering members that provides a customized experience. Brook combines health experts, chat-bots and data insights to create the highly personalized health companion experience. Brook aggregates user-provided personal health data and population health data to deliver personalized reminders, goals and recommendations.

Said Brook CEO Oren Nissim: “Brook was built on the idea that each of us deserves to be empowered to own our health, our experts are there to make that process easier by taking the guesswork out of managing a chronic condition. People love the Brook service for its immediate response and the ability to have an open, honest chat with a Health expert that ultimately gives them the tools to make smarter decisions on their own terms.”

To help people adjust to the new normal the country is settling into due to COVID-19, Brook has developed specific channels for members to communicate with health experts about staying healthy at home and taking more ownership over daily health management. While Brook health experts can support members with chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, the app also allows users to create a custom Care Circle, where someone can connect and collaborate with other Brook users and health experts on issues or topics that are important to them.

Before expanding capabilities for COVID-19, Brook was developed to assist people suffering from chronic conditions including diabetes and hypertension. Some of the ways in which Brook supports those members is through providing personalized plans for staying fit, eating healthy, managing stress, cooking and avoiding excess snacking. Priority Health members have free access to Brook through 2020 by visiting For additional information and resources in response to COVID-19 go to


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