Michigan firm develops free, no-contact COVID survey software

TROY—Pdans Inc., the Troy company developing test reporting technologies for Michigan courts, announced the introduction of Test Alerts, a free screening tool that enables efficient, contact-free collection of COVID-19 survey data.

Following survey completion by employees or visitors, alerts are sent to immediately notify the company of any potential coronavirus risks. The secure portal allows employers to monitor daily collection data via a secure dashboard and a variety of reports. Test Alertsis free for all users and is scalable for use by any size business.  This contact-free health screening process helps ensure the wellbeing of employees, staff, and visitors.

Employees or visitors can initiate the survey by either scanning a QR code or entering a six-digit PIN in the web app. Questions in the self-declaration form can easily be answered upon arrival at work, at home or in their automobile prior to entering. This helps reduce the potential impact of touching shared keyboards, mice, pencils, or paper. At the end of the process, a Green Check “OK TO ENTER” or Red Flag “DO NOT ENTER” is displayed on the respondent’s phone. When a survey is red flagged, an alert is immediately sent by email to the employer’s customizable list of alert recipients so they can take desired actions. On a respondents’ arrival, the Green Check, which includes the current date, can be shown to facility security indicating they have taken the survey and that the answers were compliant with entry requirements.

Daily logs and survey reports can be generated as needed. Reports include daily checklists, historical visitor lists and aggregated totals by location or entrance.

Businesses that wish to learn more about Test Alerts should visit www.testalerts.com or contact Roy Johnson at rjohnson@testalerts.com.  We also offer a free download for a printable screening form.

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