Induction heating company to partner with NextEnergy to advance technology

AUBURN HILLS—Heat X, a developer of magnetic induction heating technology, announced an agreement with NextEnergy, the state of Michigan’s advanced energy industry accelerator, to boost the adoption and commercialization of several clean heating technologies, as alternatives for the world’s residential, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors.

The partnership between Heat X and NextEnergy will be multifaceted. In addition to facilitating various technology demonstrations with both public and private stakeholders to showcase their magnetocaloric heating technologies for air, surface and fluids, NextEnergy will support the promotion, marketing and commercialization with multiple actions including introductions to Heat X of highly selected and qualified potential licensees and investors.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing critical insights regarding human impact on the environment of fossil fuels,” said Christopher Meso, one of the founding investors of Heat X. “We believe our 100 percent clean and emission-free technologies can be a vital alternative to positively impact the world and substantially reduce carbon footprint, even after the world moves past these unprecedented events. Our technology is not only third-party validated to deliver heat with substantially less electrical consumption than available solutions but can also deliver energy cost efficiencies that could potentially displace gas and fuel heating. Heat X is ready for the new global reality after this pandemic.”

Jim Saber, president and CEO of NextEnergy, called Heat X an “innovative Michigan-based company” and pledged “to help them scale and deploy their groundbreaking thermal technologies globally. By partnering with HEAT X, we will advance our mission and move towards our vision for a carbon-free energy future.”

Magnetocaloric heating technology is a branch of magnetic induction heating, in which heat is generated by electric current in an electrically conducting material. Heat X says it has developed heating technology that is more efficient and using fewer components and lower material costs than existing technologies.

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