Python Extraction Systems renames itself Mach Technologies

DETROIT–Python Extraction Systems, a provider of ethanol extraction equipment to the hemp and cannabis oil extraction market, has renamed itself Mach Technologies.

Mach also announced an expansion of its technology, equipment, and process engineering group, along with sales and technical service.

Mach Technologies engineers and manufactures all their equipment and technology in their vertically integrated facility in Detroit.

Ethanol has emerged as a key technology for extracting CBD oil from hemp, and for other processes in the hemp and cannabis industries, as opposed to other technologies for doing so, including hydrocarbons or CO2.

“The rebrand is really exciting for us because it marks a great expansion phase for our company,” said Mach president and co-founder Rob Wirtz. “Our original company, Python Extraction Systems was built around an amazing and innovative product, our EES Automated Ethanol Extraction System, but we quickly grew much past our initial product, and aggressively developed and really focused on technologies for the hemp and cannabis extraction industry, so the re brand into a technology company was necessary.”

With the announcement of the rebrand of the company, Mach Technologies is launching both the EES-X product line, and the M-Series equipment. The EES-X is a small scale system which uses proprietary technology developed in their EES-1000 & EES-3000 automated ethanol extraction systems which include ethanol chilling, extraction, drying, recirculation, and filtration. The EES-X system is controlled by a single operator interface, and uses the latest controls for industry leading automation and process efficiencies, and incorporates all five processes (ethanol chilling, extraction, drying, recirculation, and filtration) into a single, integrated system. The EES-X can be configured to process from 40 to 300 pounds of biomass in an 8-hour shift.

The M-Series product line offer individual, stand-alone pieces of process equipment, which can be operated on their own for a lower price point equipment line, which has the ability to be upgraded to the EES Series in the future. The M-Series includes stand-alone ethanol chilling systems, centrifuge extraction machines, and filtration systems which can be purchased as stand-alone machines to be used in existing processes.

“The M Series is a great option to allow companies to enter the market at a lower capital investment, with still giving them the flexibility and modular component to allow them to grow and automate easily in the future,” said co-founder Jason Wirtz said.

Mach Technologies is heavily focused on the development of technology for the hemp and cannabis industry that is automated, efficient, easy to use, and safe.
“We specialize in complete turnkey extraction facility buildouts, starting with biomass and can set up customers to produce nearly any end product desired and we have a lot of very exciting and innovations to release to the industry in the later parts of 2020 and are very excited to help advance this industry forward,” said John W. Wirtz II, co-founder.

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