New CEO at Altimetrik

DETROIT—Altimetrik, the Detroit-based software development and IT consulting firm, announced the promotion of Raj Sundaresan to CEO effective July 1. Altimetrik’s founder and CEO, Raj Vattikuti, will take the role of executive chairman.

Sundaresan had served as the company’s COO since 2017.

Altimetrik serves the financial services, consumer products, pharmaceutical, automotive, and health care industries, and says its revenues have already grown 25 percent this year. In recent months, its projects have involved demand, supply chain, financial planning, and forecasting initiatives.

“Digitalization has never been more urgent, and Altimetrik is well positioned to help enterprises rapidly accelerate their business and digital transformation,” said Sundaresan. “In the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of demand from medium and large enterprises looking to accelerate digitalization. There has been CEO-level engagement from these enterprises as they have recognized the strengths of our incremental approach. Raj Vattikuti will continue to be fully involved, working with these clients to kick-start their business and digital transformation, as well as coaching and developing practitioners to innovate pointed solutions. Working with Raj and the rest of the Altimetrik team, I want to empower more businesses to harness the value of their data, simplify their workflows, and unlock their next phase of growth.”

Sundaresan has more than two decades of experience heading up product engineering at fintech organizations, including Visa and PayPal. He has recently overseen the global expansion of Altimetrik, including several new offices in India, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

“Raj Sundaresan is a great friend and partner,” said Vattikuti. “We’ve worked together for the past 20 years to build technology solutions and achieve business outcomes. For the last three and a half years as our COO, he has been relentless in achieving results in talent acquisition, product engineering, business operations, and developing customer relationships. Most importantly, he has grown revenue, profits, and cash. He’s ready to take on the CEO position and supplement and complement my strategic role in building on our success.”

Vattikuti will work as executive chairman to develop strategic client relationships, explore new markets, and establish new industry focuses.

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