Canton Twp. coolant firm to expand in Europe

CANTON TWP.—Fusion Coolant Systems announced a new partnership with Air Liquide S.A., the Paris-based industrial gas firm, targeting the nations of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal for expansion of Fusion’s technology.

Fusion is the inventor of a novel technology called Pure-Cut, which uses supercritical CO2 as a replacement for traditional mineral oil coolant and lubrication systems in CNC machining. Air Liquide, with new sources in Europe of purified CO2, a sub product from the chemical and biogas industries, and strong know-how in gas installation design, will support the introduction of supercritical CO2 machining offered by Fusion, in compliance with established safety and regulatory regulations.

The firms expect to jointly sell and install Pure-Cut systems in southwest Europe, while exploring opportunities to expand the geographic reach of the alliance. This partnership highlights how Air Liquide regularly brings to its customers the latest, most innovative technologies that support industrial efficiency and sustainability objectives.

Supercritical CO2 is carbon dioxide that behaves like a liquid when stored at high pressure, above approximately 1,100 pounds per square inch, and above approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is coming into use as a commercial solvent due to its low toxicity and low environmental impact. Fusion says its supercritical CO2 coolant and lubrication systems, used on CNC machines, offers performance benefits while minimizing environmental health and safety risks associated with traditional cutting fluids.

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