UVAngel air filters installed in VA nursing home

GRAND HAVEN—UV Angel, the manufacturer of pathogen control technology, has installed UV Angel Air filtration units in the nursing home wing of the Lebanon VA Medical Center in Lebanon, Pa.

In tandem with the hospital’s existing standard cleaning procedures, UV Angel Air supplements these protocols by adding an extra layer of protection for the hospital’s vulnerable senior community and staff.

Given the high-risk populations of nursing homes and senior care facilities, UV Angel’s technology helps improve the environment in the Lebanon nursing home wing by using patented UV-C light treatment technology to automatically and continuously treat the air and reduce harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi on settled surfaces.

“Using UV-C with room-level air purification was a commonsense solution to combat the spread of the coronavirus,” said Theresa Haley, leader for infection control at Veterans Integration Service Network 4 for the Lebanon VA Medical Center. “In addition to increased sanitation measures, improved hand hygiene, enhanced personal protective equipment and education—the installed technology in the isolation wing, where our most vulnerable cases were placed, helped the outbreak remained contained to that unit. Another important element is the employees feel better knowing that the technology is in place and treating the air.”

UV Angel Air combines standard in-ceiling lighting with a proprietary UV-C air treatment system. Air is pulled into the sealed high-intensity UV-C chamber where it neutralizes pathogens with up to 99.99 percent effectiveness. The clean, treated air is then returned to the room, where patients and staff can be assured the air is being treated around the clock. By lowering levels of harmful pathogens in the air, the risk of exposure is reduced.

“One of the most important elements of the UV Angel technology is that it works continuously even while patients and staff are in the occupied rooms,” said Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel. “We are seeing an increased need for products like UV Angel Air in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. We know that UV-C light technology is effective at neutralizing harmful pathogens like the coronavirus, and we are proud to partner with the Lebanon VA Medical Center to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 between patients and healthcare workers.”

Ray Sizer, president of National E Solutions, brought the UV Angel Air product to the attention of the Lebanon VAMC and now additional areas are being considered for the technology.

“As a veteran-owned business, I understand how hard the impact of the pandemic has felt to veterans and this community. I knew this product was ideal for mitigating risk during this crisis,” said Sizer. “We are proud to partner with the VA Medical Center to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 between patients and healthcare workers and look forward to distributing additional UV Angel products to other healthcare locations throughout the Northeast.”

For more information about Grand Haven-based UV Angel, visit uvangel.com.

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