Romulus trailer manufacturer boosts solar energy, minimum wage

ROMULUS—Benlee, the Romulus-based trailer manufacturing company, announced renewed commitment to its environmental, social, and governance principles.

Included are a $500,000 investment in two large rooftop solar arrays from Powerhome Solar, and raising its starting minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The company has also implemented a monthly bonus structure that can add another $1.25 an hour to worker pay.

“The world is undergoing major challenges including climate change, health, economic downturn and, of course, equality for all,” said Greg Brown, president and CEO of Benlee.

Brown also said a senior management team meets daily to discuss the company’s safety protocols to protect employees and customers in the pandemic.

The company also has made SmartWay tires standard on all its trailers, which can reduce nitrous oxide emissions and fuel use by 3 percent, and promotes automatic tire inflation systems from PSL that maintain optimum tire pressure, further reducing fuel use, increasing tire life, and further decreasing the carbon footprint of its vehicles.

Founded in 1967, Benlee manufactures roll-off trailers, roll-off trucks, dump trailers, dump trucks and crushed car trailers for the scrap processing, trash, hazardous waste, demolition, construction and recycling industries. For more see

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