Bissell offers returning employees ‘warm welcome’ with lunch heaters

GRAND HAVEN—HotLogic, the manufacturer of electric heated lunch boxes, says the Grand Rapids floor care company Bissell Inc. is welcoming its employees back to their offices with a gift—the HotLogic lunch heater.

As employers across America plan for returning to the workplace, many organizations face the need to temporarily close cafeterias, reconfigure break rooms and accommodate employees with dietary restrictions.

“As we prepare to return to the workplace at Bissell, our priority is keeping associates as safe as possible,” said Sean Regan, vice president of cleaning systems at Bissell and a member of the company’s COVID Response Team. “With our cafeteria temporarily closed, providing access to meals while minimizing frequent touch points would have presented a real challenge. Now, with the HotLogic mini totes, associates can bring meals from home directly to their desks. This allows them to bypass the fridge and microwave and plug their totes into their workstations, so their food is ready to eat when and where they are.”

Bissell purchased the HotLogic plug-in heating lunch boxes for its 700 in-office employes.

“We want to give companies a meaningful way to welcome back their employees,” said Bill McKendry, chief marketing officer for HotLogic. “Employers are looking for a solution to the new world breakroom and providing healthy meals to their workforce. HotLogic not only provides options to enjoy fresh, reheated or frozen meals faster, easier and safer, but it is prepared and heated by you, removing stress and fear.”

The HotLogic Mini lunch tote, which sells for $39.99 on Amazon, eliminates the need to heat food in a break room microwave, allowing healthy social distancing. HotLogic products are also energy efficient, drawing 45 watts and 0.5 amps off 110-volt household electricity. They heat food to a maximum temperature of 212 degrees, and they accept glass, plastic, paperboard and metal foil food containers.

Besides Bissell, companies using HotLogic products include Google, Walmart, Intel, Ford Motor Co., Gordon Food Service and Herman Miller.

HotLogic’s Breakroom 8 appliance is currently on sale for $799.

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HotLogic was founded in 2007 by an engineer-led management team. All its products are designed and developed in Grand Haven and assembled by Goodwill Industries of West Michigan in Muskegon and Holland.

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