LLamasoft to host 10th annual supply chain conference online

ANN ARBOR—Llamasoft, the Ann Arbor-based supply chain modeling and analysis software developer, announced that its 10th annual LLamaCon supply chain analytics conference will be held online June 16-19.

For the first time ever, attendees can join LLamaCon sessions from wherever they are with complimentary access to all the sessions.

Over the last 10 years, LLamaCon has attracted professionals and executives from a diverse set of industries to learn about the latest technologies for advanced analytics and discuss top trends in the supply chain industry. This year’s conference comes at a pivotal time for Chief Supply Chain Officers and their teams – as they create plans to improve operational agility and develop more effective risk management strategies after the COVID-19 pandemic exposed this urgent need. Topics under discussion at LLamaCon will include advanced scenario planning, using AI and new data sources, and evaluating specific technology and process improvements to improve decision making to address these business priorities. LLamaCon is a community event where most of the sessions are presented by customers, making the case studies timely and creating an environment for collaboration.

“We put a great deal of effort into ensuring that we deliver an exceptional experience for attendees at this year’s online event,” said Sandra Moran, LLamasoft chief marketing officer. This is the tenth year we’ve come together with our customers and it’s never been so important for us to connect, learn and challenge ourselves to think differently about how supply chain teams will operate going forward. “The LLamasoft customers attending LLamaCon are responsible for more than 13 trillion dollars of goods flowing through their global supply chains. These supply chains leaders have been tested lately, and will continue to be, but I’m energized by the type of swift response and innovation that these organizations have demonstrated in these last few months to build and deliver life-saving medical products, feed people in need and rapidly respond to disruptions globally.”

In January 2020, LLamasoft launched llama.ai, a supply chain analytics platform that enables their customers to make better decisions by using AI and advanced analytics in a personalized user experience. Companies have been able to create a digital twin of their end-to-end supply chain, allowing them to repeatedly test various scenarios to make more informed decisions. In March, LLamasoft used the llama.ai platform to quickly make available the LLamasoft COVID-19 Response Center, which has been used by more than 250 customers to restore service levels and critical capabilities—and then to rapidly adapt to changing demand, operational and logistics challenges and ensure their supply chains restored service. Attendees at LLamaCon will hear first-hand customer success stories with these latest advancements.

To register and get access to all LLamaCon sessions visit www.LLamaCon.net

LLamaCon was named a “Best Supply Chain Shows To Attend in 2020” by Forbes magazine.

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