Chinese-backed Ann Arbor incubator helps Chinese firm get U.S. approval for N95 masks

ANN ARBOR—The United States subsidiary of a Chinese business incubator that started at Tsinghua University, Ann Arbor-based TusStar, the Chinese nanotechnology company Neatrition has received United States approval for its NMV95+ mask products featuring a nano-scale surface in both a new headband design and the existing over-the-ear style mask.

The masks were tested at Salt Lake City, Utah-based Nelson Laboratories LLC, a provider of microbiological and analytical testing laboratory service,s which found the masks had a viral filtration efficiency of 99.8 percent. In addition, the mask passed a N95 sample test in National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health labs. The multiple-use masks are available in both a headband design and over-the-ear style.

Not only does the middle meltblown material in the NMV95 mask provide a filtration rate of over 95 percent, but the super strong droplet repellent top layer of NMV95 can block 90 percent of small particles and water droplets as well. Because of this, the NMV95 masks can last 10 times longer than regular N95 mask.

The products are designed with soft-sewn stretch knit ties and carefully crafted inner mask design to provide a comfortable fit that is easy to wear for long stretches and is breathable while shielding users from respiratory droplets and other particulate matter during the current COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

A new Neatrition anti-fog glass cloth has also been introduced for mask users who wear glasses or goggles. The product has been very popular in hospitals in Wuhan, China and Italy. A single application of the cloth can make glasses or goggles free of fog for 24 hours of use and the cloths can be reused at least 100 times. Currently the first 50 mask purchasers can get $9 worth anti-fog cloths free by applying coupon code antifog50 with their online order.

Neatrition worked with Tsinghua University, a major research university in Beijing, to develop and create these new nano medical masks. They are made in labs in China and overseen by academic researchers to ensure clean standards and a top-of-the-line product.

TusStar is donating 10 masks to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit for every 100 sold. The first delivery of masks was made on May 29.

Visit the TusStar One Market website to purchase masks at A 5-mask package sells for $20, plus tax and shipping. Quantities of 500 masks are available at a discounted rate. Contact TusStar to inquire about full lab testing and production standards.

For more information, contact TusStar president Frank Ni at or (734) 255-4816.

A video about the masks is available at More about TusStar Ann Arbor at

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