Gale relaunches Kids InfoBits as ‘Gale In Context: Elementary’

FARMINGTON HILLS—Gale, the Farmington Hills information management firm, has reintroduced its Kids InfoBits elementary school product as Gale In Context: Elementary, with new and improved features that provide young learners with a better user experience to help them build their learning and critical thinking skills.

Completely redesigned and built exclusively for elementary school learners, Gale In Context: Elementary provides a more intuitive, kid-friendly platform with a strong focus on learning development and student success. This enables teachers to gradually help students become successful at learning as they transition to higher grade levels, putting them on a path to discovery that fosters future-ready skills.

“As schools and students adapt to distant learning, it is critical for educators to provide equitable access across the K-12 continuum, said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager at Gale. “Gale In Context: Elementary offers students a trusted place to find answers and explore their interests, while also giving teachers access to digital resources that supplement and enhance instruction as well as promote student engagement.”

The new products provide young learners with a supportive place to search for answers and explore their interests. The product is built using familiar design elements, making it easy for students to grow with Gale and develop their research skills as they progress to databases like Gale In Context: Middle School and Gale In Context: High School.

New features and enhancements of Gale In Context: Elementary include:

  • Kid-Friendly Interface: a completely redesigned user experience created specifically for young students that’s easy to use and encourages exploration through a visual topic tree.
  • Topic Pages: previously known as portals, topic pages provide students with short, age-appropriate summaries for topics and organize resources for easy use in research projects.
  • Leveled Content: leveled topic overviews provide users with both a basic and advanced version of the same overview, allowing educators to differentiate instruction.
  • I Wonder…: questions that engage young users’ curiosity and draw them into topics. Continuously updated, the I Wonder question on the homepage encourages daily exploration
  • Rich Content: search through thousands of indexed images, videos, charts and graphs
  • Powerful Platform: a new proprietary platform that allows users to:
  • Search by Lexile range or find content based on basic, intermediate, or advanced learning levels to support differentiated learning styles.
  • Use ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology and on-demand article translation into over 20 languages—on-screen and read-aloud.
  • Use citation tools to easily create a bibliography for their research.
  • Use the Highlights and Notes feature to annotate and track their questions and ideas.

For more information or to request a trial on Gale In Context: Elementary, visit:

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