East Lansing company rolls out cleaning system for businesses

EAST LANSING—Republic Healthcare Inc. announced the availability of its MicroBIOstatic cleaning system, which not only kills viruses like COVID-19 and eliminate them from work and high touch surfaces, but also provide protection from microbes for up to 90 days.

According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona and lead researcher in an efficacy study using human coronoavirus 229E, which is similar to COVID-19 genetically and structurally, “the technology is the next advancement in infection control.” The study found that the MicroBIOstatic protectant layer reduced the coronavirus by 90 percent in 10 minutes and by 99.99 percent in 2 hours. Retesting performed weeks later on the same surface evidenced reduction in virus by 99.99 percent in 2 hours once again.

“We want to help businesses restart safely,” said David McAndrews, one of the principals at Republic Healthcare, and a veteran healthcare industry executive. “Employees need to feel safe going in to work and customers must have confidence to enter into business. We see our line of MicroBIOstatic products as a way for owners to protect people and their places of business to rebuild confidence. We’re working with large enterprises with their own sanitation crews by providing them with MicroBIOstatic materials, and smaller business for whom we are providing application services. This is an important element in our Reopen for Business Program.”

Republic Healthcare MicroBIOstatic Clean surface protectants use hospital-grade sanitizers, along with proprietary nanotechnology-applied antimicrobial technology, to provide constant protection for up to 90 days with a single application.

This technology creates a continuous bed of nano-spikes that are positively charged to attract microbes and then pierce the cell membrane when the bacteria comes into contact with the protective layer. This is a mechanical process rather than a chemical process, allowing the protection to increase from minutes to months.

Republic officials say the MicroBIOstatic Clean system is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, registered with the EPA and is non-hazardous for all surfaces including food prep surfaces. To learn more visit www.MicrobiostaticClean.com

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