Ann Arbor pharma firm rolls out nasal disinfectant

ANN ARBOR—BlueWillow Biologics, a firm founded in 1999 that is developing nanotechnology for healthcare applications, announced the availability of NanoBio Protect on Amazon. NanoBio Protect is an alcohol-free antiseptic solution that is easily applied with a cotton swab to the skin inside and around the nose to kill 99.99 percent of germs and reduce the risk of infection.

NanoBio Protect should be used every 4-8 hours as needed in conjunction with other common protective measures, including handwashing, wearing a mask and social distancing. It is non-irritating, fragrance-free and leaves no residue after application. NanoBio Protect is available for $24.95 per bottle; each bottle contains at least 40 applications.

“As restrictions lift across the country, safety must be the top priority. Employing protective measures that drastically reduce the risk of infection is vital,” said David Peralta, CEO of BlueWillow Biologics. “People are nervous and appropriately concerned. We want to help. NanoBio Protect is safe, easy to use and reduces the risk of infection. With NanoBio Protect now available on Amazon, consumers can continue to move towards normalcy with greater confidence.”

The active ingredient in NanoBio Protect is benzalkonium chloride (BZK), an FDA-approved topical antiseptic that has been used in over-the-counter products for more than 75 years. NanoBio Protect’s patented technology increases the effectiveness of BZK while delivering a solution that is moisturizing, comfortable to use and not systemically absorbed into the bloodstream. NanoBio Protect is alcohol-free, and therefore does not dry out skin, which could lead to irritation and cracking that can allow germs to enter.

In addition to NanoBio Protect, BlueWillow is currently developing intranasal vaccines that elicit both systemic and mucosal immunity for several respiratory and sexually transmitted infections, including RSV, HSV2, pandemic influenza, and anthrax, as well as intranasal immunotherapy for peanut allergy and other allergic conditions.

Visit for details on the company’s pipeline and studies completed to date.

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