Aspen boosts production of PPE

CALEDONIA—Aspen Surgical Products Inc. announced it is increasing production capacity for the Precept brand of personal protective equipment to support COVID-19 relief efforts in North America.

With high demand for facial protection from the outset of COVID-19, more than 100 new employees were hired at the company’s Aqua Prieta, Mexico, plant earlier in the year, which increased the output for the face mask line by 50 percent. With plans to install additional manufacturing equipment in the coming weeks, capacity for this category will be increased by another 25 percent.

In addition, Aspen is now planning to hire more than 100 new employees and is acquiring new machinery in Agua Prieta to support a 35 to 40 percent increase in isolation gown production.

“With the Precept line of products, we are helping to fight preventable infections and save lives,” said Fred Allen, interim general manager of Aspen’s PPE business. “We recognize the enormous need for personal protective equipment and are working tirelessly to meet high demand from our North American customers.”

Established in 1999, Aspen Surgical’s brands include Bard-Parker blades and scalpels, Precept PPE, and Beatty patient positioning products, as well as other operating room accessories, patient and staff safety products, basic wound care products, and instrument care products. Aspen has offices and plants in Caledonia, as well as Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, and Agua Prieta, Mexico. More at

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