Healthcare monitoring system adds Hawaii to location list

BELMONT—AvaSure, a provider of audiovisual monitoring systems used to care for patients and protect caregivers, has expanded its service footprint with its latest installation in a Hawaii hospital system.

Organizations rely on AvaSure’s systems to prevent patient harm, protect staff from violent patients and visitors and take pressure off vital nursing resources.

AvaSure’s platform includes a range of advanced continuous remote monitoring systems that permit one certified nursing assistant or trained hospital staff member to monitor multiple patients simultaneously through portable visual and two-way audiovisual technology.

Most recently, AvaSure remote systems have been deployed as a COVID-19 caregiver workforce multiplier, allowing fewer staff to effectively care for multiple isolated patients. The technology allows nurses and providers to safely and remotely monitor confirmed and suspected cases, while conserving scarce personal protective equipment.

The company says the system’s advantages include:

  • Allowing trained hospital staff to monitor up to 16 patients, allowing decreased use of PPE and reduced exposure risks for providers
  • Interactive 360-degree high-quality cameras and high-fidelity two-way audio provided by hard-wired or mobile wireless units that can travel from room to room, which expands the reach and capabilities of clinical staff
  • A cost of under $3 per patient monitoring hour versus traditionally expensive and riskier one-to-one sitting by less trained staff
  • Safe, 24/7 monitoring of confirmed COVID-19 patients

“We have hundreds of monitoring stations allowing caregivers to interact with patients via digital visual and audio,” said Brad Playford, AvaSure’s CEO. “Our solution dramatically decreases how often staff need to enter isolation rooms, decreasing exposure for caregivers while conserving PPE. This innovative technology has proved invaluable to hospital networks as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 crisis.”

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