Midland workstation manufacturer launches new online catalog

MIDLAND—The Midland-based industrial workstation and equipment provider Bostontec has launched a new online catalog at https://www.bostontec.com/catalog/.

Company officials say the new catalog provides a new and improved interface for users to search through the company’s unique ergonomic workstations, accessories, and 21st century large-scale industrial product.

“We’ve always wanted customers to be happy with their browsing experience,” said Bostontec president Kelly Wehner. “And even though our print and PDF catalogs are comprehensive, it just takes longer for our clients to find what they need by flipping through them. So we developed a fully representative online catalog with our customers’ needs in mind. Now they can research the components they desire while experimenting with the 3D Configurator we introduced last year, which allows clients to build their own digital modular ergonomic workstations, before buying.”

The new online catalog is created to make looking for product information far easier. Organized into three tabs—Industrial, Lab, and Custom—the catalog showcases two different product lines and related custom options. By selecting applicable categories or subcategories in each tab, users are given a group of options that specifically match search criteria. Each detailed page for component parts contains up to three photo-realistic images, descriptions, features, color options, and links to assembly instructions when available. Details may also be downloaded as a PDF file for later reference, or emailed to others as desired. Searches can be extremely narrow as needed, by entering specific part numbers or key words via the search bar.

“This will be an eye-opening experience for our customers,” said Rob Doucette, applications engineer at Bostontec. “It will help them identify previously unknown opportunities in their own work environments that could lead to improved productivity, reduced worker injuries, and better morale.”

One of the most popular features of Bostontec is the customizable workstation, allowing clients to build unique stations tailored to their specifications. The Custom Tab in the new online catalog offers inspirations, as users begin to design these custom ergonomic stations. The tab contains useful examples of different workstation configurations, offering a variety of ways to address fulfillment, material handling, packing, and laboratory settings.

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