Esperion’s new cholesterol-buster hits the market

ANN ARBOR—After years of development, Nexletol, the new cholesterol-reducer from Ann Arbor’s Esperion Therapeutics Inc., is now on the market and available in pharmacies in the United States.

Nexletol uses a new mechanism of action to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C), the so-called bad cholesterol in the bloodstream, the cholesterol that can cause arterial blockages that lead to heart attack and stroke. It’s intended for people who have unacceptable side effects such as muscle weakness from statin-based anti-cholesterol drugs.

“We are dedicated to providing patient access and affordability for the millions of patients continuing to struggle with their bad cholesterol especially during this unique time,” said Mark Glickman, chief commercial officer of Esperion. “There were no new oral non-statin options for LDL-C lowering in nearly 20 years, and we know Nexletol is an anticipated solution for the appropriate patients that have not been able to reach their LDL-C goals and could benefit from Nexletol immediately.”

Elevated LDL-C contributes to a buildup of fat in the arteries and is a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and one of the most expensive chronic conditions. Despite standard of care treatments, including statin therapy, it is estimated nearly 15 million ASCVD or HeFH patients on maximally tolerated statins in the U.S. cannot achieve guideline recommended LDL-C levels.

Esperion is committed to providing oral, once-daily non-statin LDL-C lowering treatment options that are affordable and accessible. Nexletol is available at a list price of around $10 per day to payers. Eligible patients with commercial drug insurance coverage for Nexletol may pay as little as $10 per fill, up to a 3-month supply. For those that need Nexletol, Esperion’s mission is to considerably reduce cost as a burden for patients as they strive to achieve their long-term LDL-C goals.

“We recognize this is an incredibly demanding time for healthcare providers and are committed to respecting their time by adapting our introduction of Nexletol to provide the most flexible learning approach possible,” Glickman said. “We are convinced as the healthcare community begins to discover the benefits of this medicine for their patients, it will become clear the immediate future should be brighter for many people battling bad cholesterol.”

There are several ways to reach us based on your preference. Healthcare providers with questions regarding Nexletol can call 833-377-7633 (833 ESPRMED) and select Option 1, where our medical information team is available from Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time. If preferred, questions may be submitted by email, via If interested in speaking with a sales representative from Esperion, call 833-377-7633 (833 ESPRMED) and select Option 2. Press Option 3 for copay questions. Visit for general information about our company.

Phase 3 studies detailed in the label were conducted in more than 3,000 patients, with over 2,000 patients treated with Nexletol, demonstrated an average 18 percent placebo corrected LDL-C lowering when used in patients on moderate or high-intensity statins. Nexletol was approved by the FDA in February 2020.

Follow this link to the full prescribing information for Nexletol.

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