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BINGHAM FARMS—Pyramid Solutions Inc., the provider of Industrial Internet of Things application development and connectivity software provider, announced the availability of  NetStaX 4.10.0 for EtherNet/IP.

The software complies with the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) of ODVA Inc., formerly Open DeviceNet Vendors Association Inc., a global trade and standard development organization whose members are suppliers of devices for industrial automation. It also complies with the EtherNet Industrial Protocol. These standards, and the associated conformance and interoperability testing process, help vendors build products and devices that meet the latest required functionality and interoperate with products from other vendors in multi-vendor systems.

NetStaX 4.10.0 EtherNet/IP stacks enable Scanner (Client) and Adapter (Server) Class functionality. Version 4.10.0 features several changes to help organizations pass CT17 compliance when developing products/devices.


  • CT17 compliant
  • Log file cleanup
  • Linux platform timing
  • Class 3 connections
  • Linux sockets cleanup
  • Multiservice requests processing
  • Removal of MFC from examples
  • Multicast connection configuration
  • Extended Path Link processing


  • Added documentation and example code to platform files
  • Added the option to have a notification for every incoming IO packet
  • Multi-service requests using the Request Group API will now support bridged target paths
  • Added support for Identity object attribute 18 (Modbus Identity) to the Modbus translator

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