Detroit aircraft startup gets development pact with world’s largest aerostructure maker

DETROIT—Detroit-based Airspace Experience Technologies (ASX), an aviation technology start-up, and Spirit AeroSystems Inc., an aircraft design and manufacturing company, have signed an agreement to cooperate on creation of affordable, certified all-electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

“Spirit not only brings its design and manufacturing expertise to the partnership, but most importantly, its deep knowledge in FAA Certification of the aircraft,” said Jon Rimanelli, CEO and co-founder of ASX, a division of Detroit Aircraft Corp.. “Our partnership with Spirit aims to deliver simple, safe and robust electric VTOL aircraft that are accessible to the mass traveling public.”

Added Keith Hamilton, executive director of programs and business development for Spirit, the world’s largest aerostructures manufacturer: “Spirit is actively developing new concepts, designs and solutions that will help build next-generation aircraft and solve challenges in the future. This collaboration gives Spirit the opportunity to bring our world-class capabilities to this important future market for logistics and personal transportation.”

The program aims to converge automotive mass production techniques with the reliability of commercial-grade aerospace. The path to delivering low-cost aircraft systems starts with engineering services, then parts fabrication, and finally system integration supporting the launch of ASX’s all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, the Mobi-One. ASX is enlisting the proven expertise of Spirit, a supplier of structures, such as fuselages and wing components, to the world’s premier commercial and defense aircraft manufacturers.

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