Eckhart spins out software business

WARREN—Eckhart Inc., the Warren-based manufacturing automation, robotics, and autonomous vehicles provider, announced the launch of ShopSync, enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing software tailored for America’s small business

ShopSync provides small business owners with instant status-at-a-glance for all active projects in their companies. Detailed cost drivers accurately capture current and historical costs, which enhance quote-to-purchase order win ratios. Project milestones are fully customizable and can be configured to match any customer project timeline.

ShopSync benefits manufacturing companies who design and build custom tooling; every single part detail can be tracked through each step of the manufacturing process in real-time. From saw to machining, machining to weld, weld to paint, paint to assembly, ShopSync makes visible where each part detail is located in the value stream and how many minutes the part detail has spent in each node. All facets of cost (labor and material), in addition to time, can be captured instantaneously with the click of a button.

“We believe the small business community is underserved by incumbents in the ERP space who focus their attention on big corporations and work through distributor partners,” said Eckhart Presidetn and CEO Andy Storm. “In the United States there are 30 million small businesses, and we see significant opportunity to help enhance the management of these companies using ShopSync.”

ShopSync’s differentiating capability resides in its ability to track highly custom assemblies, many of which contain thousands of individual parts, down to the part detail level. Having that level of granular cost detail enables much more focused quoting and provides a significant advantage to business owners seeking levers to improve quote conversion, productivity and margins.

ShopSync will operate as a stand-alone business from Eckhart. To learn more about ShopSync or to schedule a live demonstration, visit

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