Auto dealer credit report firm adds new product

FARMINGTON HILLS—700 Credit LLC, the provider of credit reports and compliance and consumer pre-qualification products and services, has announced the release of QuickScore, the newest member of the Quick family of products used to drive leads and sales from a dealership’s website.

QuickScore is a soft pull pre-qualification platform that drives consumer engagement from a dealership’s web site without requiring a social security number or a date of birth, providing consumers with a free Vantage credit score and dealerships with a complete “soft pull” credit report. QuickScore can be used in conjunction with the QuickQualify web-based soft pull platform to drive leads through complementary messages to reach more consumers.

“QuickScore capitalizes on the ‘get your free credit score’ message to consumers, providing dealers with an additional way to capture shoppers browsing the dealership’s inventory” said Ken Hill, managing director of 700Credit. “’Get your free credit score’; is a compelling message that will drive consumer engagement. Consumers are becoming more and more cognizant of the impact of their score on their monthly payment. They want to understand where they stand with their score at the beginning of the online shopping process so they know what they can afford.”

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