New product line for New Hudson robotics supplier

NEW HUDSON—Exotic Automation & Supply, a motion control supplier, announced that it is now a distributor for Techman Collaborative Robots, a Taiwanese manufacturer of so-called cobots, or collaborative robots—robots that are smart and safe enough to work near people.

Techman,, entered the robotics market in 2012, and specializes in robots that can lift up to 30 pounds and are designed to work alongside humans, increasing employee productivity in repetitive, strenuous tasks.

“Techman Robots are equipped with integrated vision giving them the ability to read barcodes, recognize colors and match patterns or shapes,” Dave Tunney, electromechanical product manager with Exotic said. “This is a huge advantage for the average user. Traditional add-on vision solutions can be complicated, time consuming and costly to implement.”

Techman Robots are also small and lightweight, allowing them to be moved to different machines and programed for different tasks. The robot does not require any coding skills and features a simple to use interface with graphic and flow chart-based interface. Users can configure the robot’s safety settings according the work environment and the robot will stop immediately while detecting the collision to protect user safety.

“Techman’s safety and functionality made them an easy choice to partner with,” said Steve Orlando, Exotic’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We anticipate customers who encounter machine tending, pick and place applications, and palletizing will experience great benefits with these cobots.”

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Exotic Automation & Supply was founded in 1963 and has grown to become one of Parker Hannifin’s largest distributors in the United States. Besides its New Hudson headquarters, the company maintains full-service centers in Ann Arbor, Freeland, Lansing, Taylor, Flint, Jackson, Livonia, Rochester Hills, and Shelby Township in Michigan, as well as Indianapolis and Noblesville, Ind.

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