Celsee gets deal in Chinese cancer testing

ANN ARBOR—Celsee Inc., the single-cell isolation and analysis developer, announced an agreement to provide scientists at China’s Kindstar Global, a medical testing service,with Celsee’s Genesis System for monitoring circulating tumor cells in lung, breast, and bladder cancers as well as single-cell research.

In addition, Kindstar will become a distributor of Celsee’s products in China.

“Kindstar Global is leading the way for oncology research and testing in China, and we are committed to implementing the most advanced tools for that work,” said Dr. Shiang Huang, founder and CEO of Kindstar. “We are truly impressed by the capabilities of Celsee’s single-cell isolation and enumeration technology and are eager to use it in our own laboratories as well as to make it available to scientists throughout China.”

Added John Stark, CEO of Ann Arbor-based Celsee: “Our team has worked closely with IncellDx to develop workflows that combine our single-cell tools with their flow cytometry classification assays and BioINK assays for CTC enumeration to assess disease progression and response to therapy.”

Celsee’s technology enables high-throughput analysis of single cells with industry-leading capture rates. The Genesis System supports two slide technologies. Celselect slides enrich and enumerate CTCs with high capture efficiency and detection rates. Celsingle™ slides use a gentle, gravity-based method to capture and isolate thousands of individual cells while maintaining viability and structural integrity for downstream analysis in both genomic and proteomic applications and improved sensitivity compared to other single-cell technologies.

Kindstar Global Technology provides more than 3,000 tests in hematology, oncology, medical genetics, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases to medical specialties including internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology department and pediatrics department in more than 3,000 hospitals. Kindstar also provides medical research, clinical trial services and translational medicine study services to physicians, medical science and technology institutions and pharmaceutical companies. For more information, visit en.kindstarglobal.com.

More about Celsee at https://www.celsee.com.

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