Time tracking software firm adds overtime alerts

CLINTON TWP.–The employee time tracking company OnTheClock has announced the addition of a new overtime alerts feature.

Alerts that an employee is approaching overtime are received via text message and email to small business owners, so employers never miss an overtime update. Alerts can also be sent to employees for them to be notified when they approach their allotted hours for a week.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 1.3 million American workers are newly eligible for overtime pay. This rule that takes effect in 2020 will update the necessary earning thresholds to exempt executive, administrative, and professional employees from Federal Labor Standards Act minimum wage and overtime pay requirements.

Additional benefits for small business owners to track and receive employee overtime alerts include:

* Reduced payroll expenses.
* Understanding when overtime is necessary and when it is not.
* Knowing who is working overtime, how much they are working and why.
* Abiding by Department of Labor laws, regulations and rules.

The overtime alerts are flexible and can be set up to provide the alert when employees approach overtime by hours or minutes. The alerts can also be custom tailored to individual employees.

To learn more, contact OnTheClock at ontheclock.com or (888) 753-5999.

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