Grand Haven firm unveils high-tech cooktop, auto controller, air purifier at CES

GRAND HAVEN—GHSP, a supplier in the automotive and high-end appliance industries, is following up on its CES appearance in 2019 with new technologies for the home and automotive industries at this year’s show in Las Vegas.

GHSP’s 2020 lineup includes an inductive cooktop with an integrated OLED display, an interior control system for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles, and the debut of the company’s Grēnlite brand of ultraviolet-C products to reduce harmful pathogens in emergency vehicles, ride shares and a wide variety of other home and automotive environments.

The product lineup is the latest capstone on a decade of rapid growth at GHSP, which has seen the company evolve from a traditional auto parts supplier to a developer of smart automotive and home appliance control systems. That growth has fueled a series of recent moves, from a new executive leadership team, to further expansion in international markets, and the company’s announcement that it is opening a new, 140,000-square-foot headquarters in Holland in the first quarter of 2020.

“These products demonstrate GHSP’s continued commitment to transform the way people interact at home and on the go,” said Marc Smeyers, GHSP’s chief technology officer. “As a global provider of advanced control systems integration supplier for homes and vehicles, we are focused on creating intuitive and multi-functional products that help make everyday tasks safer, easier and worry-free.”

  • Induction cooktop. The cooktop features a proprietary transparent thermal barrier, an intuitive user interface, and RFID food recognition technology in collaboration with Inductive Intelligence. The cooktop also offers entertainment opportunities such as video content and cooking aids. The cooktop incorporates unique technologies such as removable wireless control knobs and cooking surface temperature monitoring to provide a safe and responsive cooking experience.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Multifunction Controller. The GHSP multifunction controller includes a dial, supported by touch screen display, that consolidates console controls into one ergonomic and easy-to-use control. The rotary multifunction control will operate in both autonomous and manual driving modes and features an emergency vehicle controller hidden in plain sight for quick access. During autonomous driving mode, the dial controls multiple functions on the touch screen, such as HVAC, navigation, and audio. During manual driving mode, the dial is pulled up by hand to reveal a joystick that provides manual vehicle operation for emergency situations.
  • Grēnlite. The line of programmable UV-C products uses UV Angel technology to monitor and treat the surfaces and air in vehicles for harmful pathogens. The products have a variety of health, safety, and connectivity applications, including the emergency, commercial, mass transit, and shared mobility spaces. At CES, GHSP will display a Grēnlite system in a Ford Transit designed as a ride share vehicle. The vehicle features an Inductive Intelligence wireless charging station and a snack dispenser in addition to the Grēnlite disinfecting system.

GHSP is a privately owned company based in Grand Haven that specializes in the design and manufacturing of technology systems primarily for the automobile and high-end appliance industries. Founded in 1924, GHSP has locations in North America, Europe and Asia. GHSP is a portfolio company within JSJ Corp., a growth firm with global manufacturing, distribution and service businesses that focus on highly technical skills to deliver engineered solutions. More at or

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