AirLift releases redesigned wireless air compressor system

LANSING—Air Lift Co. announced the release of a redesigned WirelessAir, an on-board air compressor system, making the wireless control of all brands of air spring load support systems easier and more convenient. WirelessAir is a dual-path system, allowing the user to adjust air springs independently of each other, for those towing or hauling uneven or top-heavy loads.

The updated WirelessAir system was designed around increased functionality and ease of accessibility, starting with the new, hand-held controller, featuring an LCD display. The company also introduced a new mobile app, available free on Apple and Android devices, that allows users to inflate and deflate air springs from their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Both the app and the controller are programmable with up to three user-defined presets, making pressure changes easy, from inside or outside the vehicle.

The weather-resistant and corrosion-proof manifold was also completely reimagined, now featuring Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for two-way communication between itself and the controller, resulting in integrated diagnostics, including leak detection and wiring assistance. Upgrades and software updates are now available using Air Lift’s exclusive firmware-over-the-air technology, through the mobile app.

The system is powered by a heavy-duty compressor that seamlessly connects to the pre-assembled wiring harness. WirelessAir is now also compatible with air tanks, allowing users to store air for use with tires or other equipment.

The new EZ Mount system makes installation faster and simpler by packaging the manifold and a heavy-duty compressor into one convenient, pre-assembled mounting bracket.

The WirelessAir system is backed by Air Lift’s two-year limited warranty and a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. For more information, visit, or call Air Lift at (800) 248-0892.

Air Lift, founded in 1949, is a third-generation, family owned suspension specialty company.

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