UM Museum of Natural History opens new exhibits Nov. 10

ANN ARBOR—After six years of planning and a partial opening in April 2019, the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History will open the second half of the museum on Sunday, Nov. 10.

Museum features to be added in opening of second half of museum:

  • An “Exploring Michigan” exhibit gallery that illuminates Michigan’s natural history. Highlights include a real wolverine, full-size dioramas with deer, black bear, other wildlife, and the mastodon skull found in Mayville.
  • An “Under the Microscope” exhibit gallery that magnifies things too small to see with the human eye. Highlights include microscopic elements blown up 100,000 times, including a walk-in cell.
  • A “People and the Planet” exhibit gallery that explores how people shape the planet and how the natural world shapes human cultures. Highlights include the Bristle Mammoth skull found near Chelsea.
  • “Survivor: The Long Journey of the Lake Sturgeon,” an exhibit that explores the role of this endangered, ancient fish and the efforts to revive it. A live sturgeon is part of the exhibit.
  • Two new “Investigate Labs:”
    • MicroWorlds: An interactive space where scientific tools can be used to explore topics such as the biodiversity of microscopic organisms, cells, genetics and developmental biology.
    • Nature: An interactive space providing opportunities to answer questions with museum specimens in an engaging environment full of animal displays, plants, rocks and fossils.
  • Six research stations featuring the research of U-M scientists.

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