Gale rolls out new curriculum planning product for educators

FARMINGTON HILLS—Gale, the Farmington Hills information services provider, announced the launch of Gale In Context: For Educators, a new product that gives educators a new approach to curriculum development and classroom instruction. Fueled by content from the Gale In Context suite of student databases, the new product provides standards-aligned lesson plans and instructional materials. A specialized toolkit helps educators collect, personalize and share resources quickly and easily with colleagues and students across their district.

Studies show that teachers spend seven hours per week searching for instructional resources. For Educators removes this complexity by streamlining access to curated and authoritative educational resources within their subscribed Gale In Context databases, empowering teachers with a single point of access to the technology, tools and resources they need, saving them time and effort while enhancing their classroom curriculum.

This new product marks a major milestone in Gale’s commitment to delivering innovative classroom solutions that advance education by focusing on student success, promoting equity of access and creating shorter pathways to learning.

“We know how time-consuming lesson planning can be for educators struggling to find and personalize relevant teaching materials aligned with curriculum standards,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager at Gale. “We created Gale In Context: For Educators to make it easier for schools and districts to integrate quality digital content into the curriculum that fosters collaboration between the library, classroom and administration, providing students with more engaging learning materials to support their achievements.”

Gale In Context: For Educators provides:

  • Instructional Support: helps teachers discover digital learning materials to supplement their classroom curriculum with national and state standards-aligned instructional content and related lesson plans.
  • Customization: supports the demand to provide personalized and differentiated instruction with tools and features that can identify and customize resources for diverse classroom needs.
  • Time-Saving Workflow Tools: enables time-challenged educators to access curriculum-aligned resources across their subscribed products in a single, educator-focused interface, integrated with other workflow tools and platforms.
  • Smarter Collaboration: connects library resources to classroom curriculum and gives educators—within schools and across districts—the means to easily share and collaborate around resources for students.

Gale In Context databases have a long history of supporting teacher effectiveness and student achievement. A recent nationwide study conducted by Project Tomorrow on behalf of Gale, found two in three teachers (77 percent) say their students are now “future ready” as a result of using Gale resources to support learning activities. Additionally, 80 percent of ninth-grade students say they are likely to use Gale again if their teacher assigns another research project.

For more information or to request a trial on Gale In Context: For Educators, visit:

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