Kraig CEO heads to Vietnam to observe ‘spider silk’ production

ANN ARBOR—Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB), the developer of high-strength fibers and textiles using genetically engineered silkworms, announced that its COO, Jon Rice, will travel to Vietnam this week to work with Kraig subsidiary Prodigy Textiles on the transition of silk production operations into its recently renovated plant in Quang Nam province.

During this trip, Rice expects to review the completed improvements, coordinate operations with Prodigy Textiles senior staff and production workers, finalize production and transportation logistics, discuss production throughput rates and targets, as well as review the security and quality control systems being implemented.

“Our staff in the U.S. and Vietnam has put an incredible amount of effort into establishing and preparing Prodigy Textiles to disrupt the performance textile markets,” Rice said. “Our team has pushed through incredible challenges to bring this factory online. We are now ready to put it to work, bringing our recombinant spider silk technology to market. I expect to be able to share more information about my trip and details about our operations with our shareholders early next week.”

Kraig Biocraft has used genetic engineering to splice spider genes into silkworms. That gives the fibers those silkworms use to create their cocoons some of the strength and toughness of spiderweb fibers. The company is now raising those silkworms in a textile operation in Vietnam.

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