Kraig Biocraft names two new outside directors

ANN ARBOR—Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB), the Ann Arbor-based developer of advanced fibers and textiles through genetic engineering, has named Julie Bishop and Anurag Gupta to its expanded board of directors.

Bishop is senior director of global accounting at Verizon Media. Earlier, she held senior accounting positions at Yahoo and HD Waterworks, and before that spent seven years serving as an auditor for publicly traded companies while working at Ernst & Young.

Bishop earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Southern Illinois University.

Said Kraig chairman and CEO Kim Thompson: “Julie’s background, experience, and leadership, in corporate finance, accounting, merger and acquisitions, and audit, will be a tremendous asset to our corporate governance as we continue on our growth trajectory.”

Bishop’s term will begin during the fourth quarter and she will serve on the audit and compensation committees for the duration of her time as a director. She said: “I look forward to helping oversee the company as it moves to commercialize its next generation protective textile products and realize the potential of its cutting edge technology.”

Gupta is the former CEO of global data services for TBG AG, the venture capital arm of Thyssen Group. Earlier, he was president for the Europe-Middle East-Africa region of wireless industry service provider BrightPoint Inc., and was executive vice president of HIS Markit’s consolidated markets and solutions division, which offers product design, technology market analytics, and economic and risk data.

Gupta currently serves as an independent director at Roseburg Forest Products Co., a privately owned wood products company in Springfield, Ore., and Drive My Way Inc., a Cleveland-based truck driver recruiting service.

Gupta earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Toledo and an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Said  Thompson:  “Anurag’s background and experience in corporate management, technology development, international operations, and investor relations will be an asset to the Company as we continue to grow.”

Gupta’s term will begin during the fourth quarter and he will serve on the audit committee and compensation committees for the duration of his time as a director. Said Gupta: “It is exciting to be a part of an innovative biotechnology company that is doing amazing work towards the development and commercialization of Spider Silk technology.”

Kraig Biocraft has used genetic engineering to splice spider genes into silkworms. That gives the fibers those silkworms use to create their cocoons some of the strength and toughness of spiderweb fibers. The company is now raising those silkworms in a textile operation in Vietnam.

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