Henry Ford e-Home Care cuts hospital readmissions

DETROIT—Henry Ford e-Home Care has announced a significant reduction in hospital readmissions for patients receiving telehealth care via Henry Ford’s e-Home Care program.

Achieving monthly readmission rates as low as 7 percent, Henry Ford e-Home Care has reduced its average hospital readmission rate for the first six months of 2019 by 45 percent compared with the prior six months of 2018.

Using software from Hoboken, N.J.-based Health Recovery Solutions, Henry Ford e-Home Care provides remote patient monitoring and telehealth services to more than 130 patients each month.

Henry Ford e-Home Care partnered with HRS in 2017 to capitalize on the growing role of technology in healthcare and its ability to help improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs to health systems, payors, and patients. Through its e-Home Care program, Henry Ford is able to treat a diverse set of patient populations, including those with chronic heart failure, COPD, hypertension, and cancer, as well as patients recovering from cardiothoracic or transplant surgery.

“Utilizing technology to care for our patients is the future of healthcare. Technology provides access to patients in more ways that are convenient for them, efficient for care providers, and offers an extra layer of safety for our patients in their homes,” said Mary Hagen, Manager of Henry Ford e-Home Care. “We see a future in which patients are comfortable with and proficient at utilizing mobile devices to communicate with clinicians, manage their healthcare, and be more knowledgeable about their own health, as well as the health of their loved ones.”

Patients are enrolled in e-Home Care following an initial home health visit. Once enrolled, patients receive a 4G tablet pre-loaded with HRS software, along with Bluetooth biometric monitoring devices. Via the tablet, patients receive medication reminders, access educational videos and daily disease-specific symptom questions, and record daily vitals utilizing the biometric devices. In addition, patients and clinicians can utilize phone calls and a video conferencing platform on the tablet. All patient data is uploaded in real-time to the clinician’s dashboard and the Health System EMR, allowing a patient’s entire care team to observe the patient’s health status.

Using the clinician dashboard, phone conversations, and virtual visits, Henry Ford’s telehealth nurses address variances in patients’ vitals. Patient data from the telehealth and remote monitoring system enable the telehealth team to observe trends in patient status, adherence, and self-care, to quickly intervene when a patient’s status puts them at risk for readmission.

In the coming months, Henry Ford e-Home Care will look to expand its program by partnering with insurance agencies to further reduce the cost of care and incorporate more patients into their comprehensive care continuum.

More at https://www.henryford.com/services/at-home or https://www.healthrecoverysolutions.com/.

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