Lear’s Xevo softaware unit gets e-commerce deal for Hyundai vehicles

SOUTHFIELD—Lear Corp. (NYSE: LEA), the automotive seating and electronics developer, announced that its automotive software subsidiary, Xevo, has partnered with Hyundai Motor Co. to deliver Xevo Market capabilities into Hyundai vehicles in the United States and Europe.

Xevo Market is a merchant-to-driver interaction platform and media channel for automotive and mobile commerce. The platform will allow customers with compatible Hyundai vehicles to engage and interact with their favorite brands and services through an interface on vehicle touchscreens and Hyundai’s mobile app. Offerings will include fuel, parking, and dining, as well as the digital payment feature, for a seamless, secure transaction experience with participating merchants.

In addition to its consumer benefits, the Xevo Market platform helps merchants increase the adoption of loyalty programs and gives them the ability to promote featured products through simple touchscreen notifications to inform drivers of relevant offers. Xevo Market also leverages real-time interaction data, such as location and time of day, to deliver a personalized experience that makes the time spent in the car more productive and enjoyable.

Said John Absmeier, Lear CTO: “Our Xevo Market technology allows Hyundai to offer their customers a personally-tailored connected-car experience by interacting with their favorite brands safely and securely in their vehicle.”

More at www.lear.com or www.xevo.com.

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