Horizon Global sells Asia-Pacific business

TROY—Officials of Horizon Global Corp. (NYSE: HZN), the Troy-based manufacturer of branded towing and trailering equipment, announced that the company entered into an agreement to sell its Asia-Pacific business segment to Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), a private equity firm based in Sydney, Australia for $340 million Australian ($231 million U.S. dollars) in cash.

They said Horizon intends to use the proceeds from the sale to significantly reduce its debt and bolster its liquidity, allowing for additional financial flexibility.

Upon completion of the sale and subsequent retirement of debt, Horizon Global intends to pursue a full or partial refinancing of its remaining secured debt. If successful, it is expected that this refinancing would close in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Said Horizon President and CEO Carl Bizon: “While the proceeds from this sale will allow us to satisfy the $100 million prepayment obligation under our first lien term loan, we expect to make additional debt repayments substantially in excess of this amount. This transaction also simplifies our operating structure, allowing us to deepen our focus on our remaining operating segments, which we believe can be restored to historical profitability levels. We would like to thank our dedicated APAC team as it worked tirelessly throughout the process to continue to service our customers and perform to the standards to which they are accustomed. Our APAC business segment is an exceptional business with strong leadership positions in the markets it serves. We believe the business will continue to thrive and serve its customers as they have come to expect, making the business a valued part of PEP’s portfolio.”

Added Andrew Charlier, a managing director of PEP: “APAC is led by an outstanding management team and has a track record of developing innovative products and solutions for its customers. We are excited to support management by investing in product development, geographical expansion, and the potential acquisition of additional brands in order to continue to deliver quality products and service to our customers.”

More about the company at www.horizonglobal.com. More about PEP at www.pep.com.au.

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