LLamasoft announces partnership with JD Logistics

ANN ARBOR—LLamasoft, the Ann Arbor-based developer of supply chain design and modeling software, announced a strategic partnership with JD Logistics, the logistics arm of JD.com, China’s largest retailer.

Through the partnership, JD Logistics will exclusively deliver and integrate LLamasoft’s solutions as part of its existing service and technology offerings to select manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers in China using the JD Logistics network. The solutions provided will include supply chain design optimization, planning, operations and management.

LLamasoft will continue to support existing clients and is broadening its go-to-market coverage with a segmented model that includes this partnership with JD Logistics and continued investments in its own organization in China.

“China is one of the largest markets for supply chain solutions in the world, and with this strategic partnership with JD Logistics we are going to be able to accelerate our ability to create value for an expanded client base,” said Razat Gaurav, CEO of LLamasoft. “Clients will benefit from the combination of China’s largest B2C logistics network with LLamasoft’s preeminent supply chain design and analytics solutions to enable organizations to transform their supply chain operations.”

“The strategic partnership with LLamasoft will provide clients and merchants with a one-stop supply chain optimization solution,” said Haifeng Yang, head of value supply chain at JD Logistics. “Leveraging our respective capabilities, as well as our over a decade of experience in operating an in-house nationwide logistics network in China, will further differentiate JD as a leader in providing and integrating advanced supply chain capabilities.”

This announcement was made following LLamasoft’s LLamaCon event in Shanghai on Friday, Aug. 9, which drew more than 500 supply chain professionals from nearly 300 companies.

More at www.llamasoft.com.

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