Liquid Web establishes EU data center

LANSING—Officials of Liquid Web LLC announced the company’s EU Data Center is now available for Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce hosting, helping its European customers meet data residency requirements as well as helping improve performance and reduce latency.

“Even though it’s a tiny factor, the latency between a user making a request from England all the way across to the U.S. has a larger impact on performance, versus sending the request directly to Amsterdam,” said Jessica Frick, Liquid Web’s product manager for Managed WordPress. “This is why we are excited about our EU data center availability for customers serving predominantly European customers. Less travel time means better performance.”

Utilizing Liquid Web’s data centers in the EU will not only help with latency and performance improvement but also with customers’ requirements with GDPR rules that relate to data privacy.

“We run our own data centers with tier 1 premium bandwidth, on-site security, and teams of experts dedicated to monitoring network performance and security 24/7,” Frick said. “Adding this geographic location option to our Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce customers is especially exciting to our eCommerce customers wanting to expand overseas.  There are different ways you can spin up your servers based on your geographical needs, and having data center options available in Europe helps our customers make a strategic decision when expanding internationally.”

Learn more about Liquid Web’s EU Data Center availability.

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