New quality control application from Canton medical research firm

CANTON TWP.—MMS Holdings Inc., a Canton Township medical contract research organization, announced the launch of Automatiqc, a cloud-based application that automatically performs quality control (QC) and style checks for medical writing, pharmacovigilance, clinical trial transparency, and other types of documents in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Company officials say Automatiqc can reduce QC time by up to 33 percent, reducing the amount of time needed to perform quality checks and allowing teams to meet aggressive QC deadlines.

This new application is highly customizable, enabling users to tailor the software to specific client style guides, including journal requirements and other established guides. Automatiqc does not require special training and can be easily incorporated into a medical writer’s standard workflow. Automatiqc can be used for any Microsoft Word-based document type.

“MMS is constantly searching for new, impactful ways to bring innovations, and efficiencies to the pharmaceutical industry, and I think we’ve proven that with the introduction of Automatiqc,” said Michelle Gayari, executive director of global operations at MMS. “The current focus for many is related to reducing budget and timelines. Automatiqc does both. We designed this perfectly programmed application to utilize our pharmaceutical industry intelligence to improve the QC process for everyone. QC is the final step before release of a document to regulators or the external environment and this efficiency allows us to be nimble to adapt to last-minute document changes.”

Added Kristin Chesney, senior operations and quality specialist at MMS: “QC reviewers may need to check hundreds of style points per document. Using Automatiqc ensures that every point in the style guide is checked, for every document, every time, consistently. Manual QC by different reviewers is prone to subjectivity and error, even with established guides. Years from now, teams will wonder how deadlines were met without it.”

This new application is currently available for use through a service relationship with MMS or licensing of the application as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

For questions on Automatiqc, or a free demo, fill out the form at

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