Shepherd Lock launches keyless entry system on Kickstarter

ANN ARBOR—Shepherd Lock, a new keyless smart lock for the home, has launched on Kickstarter.

Founded in June 2018 by a group of executives with experience in automotive remote keyless locks, Shepherd Lock is a keyless home entry system that allows homeowners to unlock their door with just a touch, and identifies and notifies the homeowner of lock-picking attempts.

“My team and I come from the automotive industry, where we designed keyless entry systems for cars,” said Kabir Maiga, the founder of PassiveBolt Inc., the makers of Shepherd Lock. “Shepherd Lock brings the same true and tested automotive touch technology to people’s homes.”

Shepherd Lock uses WiFi connectivity to control and monitor the lock remotely through a mobile app. On the app, homeowners can use the lock’s Intelligent Door Status™ technology to check whether their door is open, closed or locked with ease. Similar to automotive keyless entry systems, the Shepherd Lock will only unlock if the user has a keyfob or smartphone key within an “Intelligent Authentication Zone.”

The homeowner can also use the mobile app to manage access to their home. Temporary or permanent encrypted keys can be shared with family members or friends, and homeowners can schedule access time windows to allow people to enter the home.

Installation of Shepherd Lock is simple—no drilling required. Shepherd Lock is compatible with any single cylinder deadbolt. Keeping the exterior hardware in place, remove the thumb-turn, install the mounting bracket, screw in the module and snap on the magnetic cover. Shepard Lock retrofits the existing hardware, so the homeowner will not need a new set of keys. Powered with four AA batteries, homeowners will never have to worry during storms or power outages that their homes are unsecure.

Shepherd Lock is available to pre-order starting at $179 by visiting

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